Ostingers Baseball Academy (OBA) is located in Lithia, just Southeast of Tampa, FL, and was founded by former MLB pitcher, Jim Osting, in 2008.  It was established to provide world class baseball instruction in the Central Florida area.  OBA has quickly made a name for itself with professionally experienced instructors, quality facilities, and personalized instruction.  Our instructors all have former professional playing time and will individualize each lesson to each player’s unique strengths and weaknesses.

The first thing that jumps out about our program is the personal touch that you will get in this program. OBA limits the amount of teams in each age group, most years to only ONE! That is a huge different from most programs. With the smaller numbers, players get more individual attention, support and guidance from the staff. This is one of the biggest reasons we have a decade long precedence of getting over 90% of our players going on to play at higher levels. JUAT BECAUSE WE ARE A SMALLER PROGRAM, DOES'T MEAN WE DON'T HAVE TALENT!!

Most lessons last 30 minutes or an hour. We suggest the first lesson be scheduled for an hour, so that the player can really get to know what the instructor is teaching.

We suggest coming for a lesson weekly, so that new mechanics are being FELT. WE are big on making sure the player can feel what he or she is going.

Coach Osting is the travel ball coordinator for the Fishhawk Wolves Travel program. It is a separate entity that Ostingers. The travel ball program does use the facility for small group lessons, coach Osting sets the ground work for the program, but they are separate. Just because someone might get lessons at OBA, he still needs to tryout and MAKE the Wolves travel program.

Ostingers takes pride on having nationally ranked teams at the 15-18u levels. We have been nationally ranked for more than 5 years and have really made a name for ourselves on the nation stage. Players that are wanting to join OBA summer and fall teams need to tryout. Usually this tryout consisted of a 2 day tryout the first weekend in November. These teams are then selected for the following summer. In late July or early August we will have a one day tryout for the Fall teams. These are highly competitive tryouts.

All of our instructors at OBA have professional playing experience. We do not employ instructors with less than professional playing experience and communication skills to teach the game. We are confident that our staff is the best around.